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    The chairman of Jitie Ferroalloy was appointed as the tutor of graduate students
    Guo Jun, chairman of Jitie Ferroalloy, was appointed as the tutor of graduate students in metallurgical School of Northeastern University.
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    Recently, Guo Jun, chairman of the board of Directors and General Manager of the Party Committee of Jitie Ferroalloy Co., LTD., was appointed as the tutor for graduate students majoring in metallurgical engineering in metallurgy School of Northeastern University.

    Jitie Ferroalloy predecessor was founded in 1953 Jilin Ferroalloy, is one of the national first five-year plan key projects, is China's first modern large-scale ferroalloy enterprises, after more than 60 years of construction, gradually developed into a set of production and management scientific research design new product development equipment installation and manufacturing It is a comprehensive metallurgical enterprise integrating domestic and foreign trade and technical services. In 2016, it moved to Fengzhen City of Wulanchabu, Nei menggol, where resources are more reasonable.Jitie Ferroalloy is the leading enterprise in Ferroalloy industry in China, the enterprise scale, technical level and product quality are in the leading position in the industry.It is the chairman of Ferroalloy branch of China Metal Society, the chairman of Analysis and Testing Branch, the chairman of National Pig Iron and Ferroalloy Standardization Technical Committee, and the member of chemical analysis sub-technical Committee,Vice chairman unit of technical Committee of metallurgical standard sample of National standard Sample Committee,National Accreditation Committee standard substances and Standard sample producer competency accredited unit,Approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the state metallurgical standard sample fixed-point development unit and sales unit.Jitie Ferroalloy is also our country ferroalloy industry production standard product quality standard product inspection standard formulation unit,It has made and revised 112 national and industrial standards, developed 121 national and industrial standard materials and standard samples of ferroalloy and raw materials, and has 14 invention patents. It is a national standard R&D workstation of national high-tech enterprises.

    Guo Jun, chairman of the Board and General Manager of the Party Committee of Jitie Ferroalloy, graduated from Changchun University of Technology with a master's degree in material engineering from Northeastern University and was awarded as a professor-level senior engineer in 2013.He is also the director of China Metal Society, chairman of National Pig Iron and Ferroalloy Standardization Technical Committee, and vice chairman of Metallurgical Standard Sample Sub-Technical Committee of National Standard Sample Committee,Chief editor of ferroalloy magazine, chairman of Ferroalloy branch of China Metal Society.

    In accordance with the reform of the national education system, Northeastern University has cultivated practical talents and carried out the employment of off-campus supervisors for postgraduate students.According to the selection and management methods of postgraduate supervisors, Guo Jun was selected as one of the first batch of postgraduate supervisors by the degree Committee of The School of Metallurgy of Northeastern University, recommended by experts, evaluated by the university's degree Committee and other procedures.

    The award of Guo Jun is not only a high recognition of his expert-level level in the ferroalloy field, but also a full confirmation of the leading position in the ferroalloy industry, and a demonstration of Zhongze Group's courage to actively fulfill its social responsibilities.


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