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    Jilin area enterprise investment technology transformation project symposium
    On April 17th, Zhongze Group held a symposium on technological transformation project investment of enterprises in Jilin Province in Jilin Carbon. Nearly 80 people attended the meeting, including group leaders, heads of various departments and leaders of Zhongze HOROC Group and leaders of enterprises in Jilin Province.
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    On April 17th, Zhongze Group held a symposium on technological transformation project investment of enterprises in Jilin Province in Jilin Carbon. Nearly 80 people attended the meeting, including group leaders, heads of various departments and leaders of Zhongze HOROC Group and leaders of enterprises in Jilin Province.
        Symposium, chairman of the board of directors in Yu Zeguo made important speech, he combined with the current national policy of "carbon peak, carbon neutral" and group investment in technological upgrading projects construction situation, deeply analyzes the path of efficient utilization of clean energy, adjust the enterprise investment in Jilin area transformation, sure, which is based on clean energy, all-round development of core industries and emerging forms, The strategic thought of contributing to the realization of green industry for the country.He stressed that it is of great significance to use clean energy and that "carbon neutrality" is a worldwide industrial revolution. President Xi Jinping promised at the UN General Assembly that China would strive to achieve "carbon neutrality" by 2030 and by 2060, and put "carbon neutrality" and "carbon neutrality" into the country's 14th Five-Year Plan.Group enterprises from now on, all investment technology renovation projects must be based on clean energy, the future cannot be replaced by clean energy projects will not be considered.There are huge business opportunities in the implementation of "carbon neutral". All enterprises should combine local policies to find good opportunities for their own development and make positive contributions to the national promotion of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral".He introduced that the group invested in technical renovation projects planning four systems, respectively ferroalloy, carbon, nickel and molybdenum industry. The ferroalloy industry will plan to build 5 million tons of projects in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang.In the revolutionary change of "carbon neutral", the carbon industry should be prepared to seize the opportunity in advance, planning to build 500,000 tons of carbon projects in Jilin, Inner Mongolia and other places.Nickel industry should plan to construct 200,000 tons of nickel sulfate, 100,000 tons of ternary precursor and 100,000 tons of ternary material projects.Relying on the advantages of cost and quality, molybdenum industry should strive to reach the target of 82,000 tons, and rapidly promote the extension of industrial chain, from mining and dressing, rough processing to deep processing, tailings treatment development.
        On the panel, Group Jien Nickel industry in Jilin area is 60000 tons/year carbonyl nickel sulfate, Zhuochuag New materials metal functional materials, Daheishan molybdenum 32000 tons/day jersey in selecting reconstruction, Comprehensive utilization of tailings of Zhongze new building materials, Jilin Ferroalloy and construction of special alloy, Jilin carbon overall relocation, and technical upgrading investment in technological upgrading projects respectively introduces the construction situation, production technology, Product performance, application field, market demand and future development.Chairman Yu Zeguo spoke highly of the progress of the project and made the deployment for the project.He pointed out that the 60,000-ton nickel sulfate project should be combined with the national "carbon peak, carbon neutral" policy requirements, seize the opportunity of the development and application of new energy materials, fully tap their own advantages, actively develop and expand the market, so as to continuously improve the sustainable development ability of the enterprise.The project of carbonyl metal functional materials should rely on the advantages of technology and stock, continue to vigorously develop the market, and strive to achieve the planned capacity as soon as possible.Daheishan molybdenum industry actively promotes the renovation and expansion project of 32,000 tons per day, and at the same time, it should constantly explore new technology and new process, and quickly develop the plan to improve the ore primary selection rate.The comprehensive utilization project of new building materials tailings should be well planned, and the basic ideas should be communicated with the government, railway and other relevant departments. This project is a key project for the first time in China, which can further enhance the value of the mine and create good benefits after completion and operation.Jitie Molybdenum Deep Processing Project is the extension of Daheishan Molybdenum industrial chain, which is of great significance for the overall listing of molybdenum industry. It is necessary to expand the scale in mining and beneficiation, and also lengthways the industrial chain, steadily promote deep processing and fine processing, so as to form an integrated industry as soon as possible and greatly improve the added value of products.Jilin carbon overall relocation and technology upgrade, want to combine group in Jilin area planning source network charge store one strategic layout of the construction of the project, and the government fully docking, coordinate to solve the wind, the land to determine, at the same time to optimize the overall layout, 100000 tons of demonstration project plan, build the core industry of the future more broad space for development.
        Finally, General Manager Ju Zili put forward specific requirements for investment in technical renovation project construction. He pointed out that the basic requirements of the overall construction of the project are to strengthen safety education, strengthen clean government control, and improve the system management.And put forward the specific requirements in the process of construction: First, the project should be fully investigated and demonstrated to avoid decision-making mistakes;Second, the process design should be combined with new technology to control the cost;Third, the construction plan should be repeatedly deliberated, constantly optimized and improved;Fourth, the production line design should be flexible, explore the path applicable to a variety of products and raw materials;Fifth, the project management to develop a network plan, control the time node.


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