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    The Jien Nickel Smelter set a record for 432 consecutive days of production
    The Jien Nickel Smelter set a record for 432 consecutive days of production
    2021-03-29bet9娱乐网平台集团 浏览(12)

    On March 25, Jien Nickel smelter shut down smoothly, marking the successful end of the production cycle. This cycle of continuous production for 432 days, the production of high nickel nickel content of 24,005 tons, the highest monthly output of 1,995 tons, production cycle, total output and monthly output are record high.

    Jilin Jien Nickel Industry co., LTD. Smelting plant covers an area of 220000 , the main production process, USES the advanced smelting technology, the main products are of high grade nickel water quench and high grade nickel anode, operated by DCS automatic control system at the same time, the use of waste heat boiler, waste heat power generation, transformation, absorption and other supporting implementation of flue gas waste heat recovery technology, the production of sulfuric acid, Realized high efficiency, energy saving, green production.

    In 2019, after the restructuring of Jien Nickel Industry, Zhongze Group accelerated the transformation and upgrading of the smelter by organicly combining team building, management innovation, cost saving and consumption reduction, fine management and accurate accounting, which promoted the healthy and rapid development of the enterprise and significantly improved the production and operation management level.The production cycle has been extended from the original design of 10 months to 14 months, and the design capacity has increased by about 4515 tNi/a, which has achieved a leap in the history of the smelter.The production technology management was strengthened, and the reduction index of Osmet furnace was controlled scientifically from the point of production index control, so that the Fe3O4 control index was inclined to limit control, and the lump coal index was reduced by 0.1t/t compared with the planned 0.15t/t.

    At present, the Jien Nickel Smelter has been running for 14 months and has achieved a production cycle of 24,005 tons of nickel metal, setting records for Jien Nickel and the nickel industry.At the same time, the average annual income of the employees is 63,000 yuan. The happiness and sense of belonging of the employees are doubled, the spirit is full, the work enthusiasm is high, and they are determined to contribute to the high quality, efficient and sustainable development of the company!

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