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    Clothing textile

    Clothing Textile is one of the important basic industries of Zhongze Group, includes Chaoyang Textiles, Sanertu Costume, Zhongze knitting, Ying Kou Shuaide and so on.

    The core business includes textile raw materials" Sanertu " brand clothing and all kinds of textile design and development, production, processing and sales services. The technology is at the leading level in the industry. There are a variety of products exported abroad and professional brand clothing Design agency.

  • Chaoyang Textile Co., Ltd is one of the important production bases of textile raw materials cloth in China, is the only enterprise in national textile industry China top 100 enterprises in Northeast, is China Cotton Textile Association executive director enterprises.
  • Sanertu Costumes Co., Ltd. integrates apparel brand design, R & D, production, sales and service in one. It is the largest knitted underwear in Northeast enterprise.
  • Zhongze Group Knitting Co., Ltd. is one of the largest knitting underwear enterprises in Northeast China, located in Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province.
  • Yingkou Shuaide Knitting Co., Ltd. is another important production and processing base for the "Sanertu" brand clothing and export clothing.
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